Wrecking of Dixons Bank and Stainton Way - for what?


As   you   drive   north   into   Middlesbrough   on   the   A172,   you   leave beautiful    open    countryside    and    enter    the    semi-urban    road, Dixons   Bank.   This   gently   descending   road   presents   a   tree-line vista   which   provides   a   gentle   transition   into   the   urban   district of    Marton    and    onwards    to    Middlesbrough    centre.    The    view down   Dixons   Bank   is   a   pleasant   and   leafy   one,   spoiled   only   at the   final   approach   to   the   Stainton   Way   junction,   by   the   traffic   light   abomination that replaced the flower planted roundabout. Middlesbrough   Council’s   A172   Dixons   Bank   /   Stainton   Way   Highway   Improvement Scheme    will    destroy    this    leafy    vista    through    the    construction    of    an    additional northbound    approach    to    the    junction.    The    stated    aim    of    this    proposal    is    to ‘encourage’   commuters   to   filter   left   at   the   junction   instead   of   heading   straight   on through   Marton   and   in   doing   so,   help   alleviate   the   so   called   ‘Marton   Crawl’.      A similar    two-lane    approach    to    the    junction    heading    East    on    Stainton    Way    to improve   access   to   the   junction   also   forms   part   of   the   proposal.   However,   this proposal   is   a   sticking   plaster   approach   to   infrastructure   planning   and   the   benefits of this £1.7m+ project are, as yet, totally unsubstantiated by the council.

Middlesbrough Council should work constructively with local residents

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Aims of this website As      a      local      resident      of      South Middlesbrough,      this      website      is dedicated    to    keeping    you    up-to- date    with    the    Council’s    plans    to address   the   infrastructure   issues   in the area. Neither   Middlesbrough   or   Redcar   & Cleveland      Councils      have      done enough   to   balance   the   huge   house building   programmes   in   the   south Middlesbrough    area    with    a    fit    for purpose         road         infrastructure. Furthermore,   by   granting   planning permission    for    house    building    at Swans      Corner      roundabout,      the access        point        for        the        East Middlesbrough   By-pass   the   councils have   closed   off   the   ideal   route   for   a long-term solution.