Middlesbrough Council should work constructively with local residents

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Friday,  08 | 12 | 2017

The   Steering   Group   (local   residents   group)   held   a   meeting   to   raise   resident   awareness   of the   road   widening   proposal   and   gather   feedback.   Around   100   local   residents   attended this   meeting   and   a   survey   was   conducted.   Disappointingly,   Middlesbrough   Council   did not   send   a   representative   as   Mayor   Budd   stated   later   that   they   didn’t   recognise   the group.   However,   Simon   Clarke   MP   attended   and   did   his   best   to   respond   to   questions,   but as   the   Council   have   the   ‘experts’,   their   presence   would   have   been   beneficial   and   showed they had an interest in the concerns of local residents.  

Tuesday  12 | 12 | 2017

Radio   Tees   broadcast   commencing   at   07:50   included   interviews   with   a   local   resident   and councillor   regarding   the   Steering   Group   meeting.   Disappointingly,   Mayor   Budd   was   given the time to comment without any opportunity for challenge of his statements.

Sunday,  18 |12| 2017

Although   Middlesbrough   Council   have   extended   the   proposal   formal   consultation   end date   to   12th   January   2017   and   say   they   have   widened   the   formal   consultation   to   include 82   residents,   as   of   the   above   date,   no   formal   consultation   letters   appear   to   have   been received    by    residents.    The    residents    were    notified    of    this    intent    by    letter    on    28th November   2017   -   how   long   does   it   take   to   send   the   formal   consultation   letters   out?   It takes   3-weeks ,   as   I   can   now   report   (18th   December)   the   letters   have   arrived!   Perhaps   it was    the    further    emailed    complaint,    as    they    appear    to    have    been    hand    delivered! However,   I   must   add   that   the   letter   contains   no   additional   survey   information   to   justify the proposal.

Thursday,  21 |12| 2017

Middlesbrough   Council   extend   formal   consultation   deadline   to   18th   March   2018   to   give residents   more   time   to   consider   the   proposal   and   respond.   Links   to   the   ARUP   2016   Issue     survey reports suddenly appear on the MC website.